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I want my DMTV (Drunk Music Television) by Jono

From sober to 80 beers in 1 song. Your new favourite song, performed sober or drunk. You choose.   More.

The Story Of I by Grayson

Grayson is delighted to have worked with MacLaren McCann on this touching piece for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Canada, an organization that provides permanent families for children waiting to be adopted from foster care in North America. Watch "The Story of I" and download the track below.... More.

Music Relay - 14 Minute Challenge by Grayson

Here's some good old-fashioned fun from the archives. Witness the Grayson Matthews "Music Relay - 14 Minute Challenge". See what 7 writers can collectively produce as they pass the music baton with only 2 minutes each. Special thanks to Shelly Lewis and Alison Gordon for directing and editing this... More.

Patti's Pep Talk by Kelly

Patti Smith gives an inspiring, no-bullshit pep talk. "I've done records where it seems like no one listens to them. Keep doing your work because you have to, it's your calling." That being said, she also gives a defiant "fuck you" to those who see success as something that spoils you as an artist. The more... More.

A Cappella Pulitzer by Rob

The Pulitzer Prize for music has been awarded to Caroline Shaw for her a cappella “Partita for 8”. This is the first time in the competition's 70 year history that anyone has won for composition with unaccompanied voices. And her award-winning voices are called “Roomful of Teeth” – a vocal octet dedicated to re-... More.

One Flew Over The Puppet's Nest by Gavin


Joey Bada$$ Takes Us Back To 1999. by Emery

Joey Bada$$ has been making noise in the underground rap scene/blogosphere for a little while now (you may have been introduced to Joey via Survival Tactics, his collab with the late Capitol Steez); pretty impressive considering he just turned 18 in January. Born in 1995, and even though he was barely 5 when the... More.

Oktophonie by Kelly

Allan Cross deems this "perhaps the weirdest concert of 2013", when describing the last showing of Oktophonie More.

Orphan Black by Chris

We're very excited to announce that the new Space/BBC America series 'Orphan Black', for which we did the music supervision, premiers this Saturday at 9pm! Check it out to hear some great tracks from M.I.A., Young Empires, P.S. I Love You, The Holiday Crowd, and Young Galaxy!From BBC America: More.

Plug Me In! Neural Interfaces for Musicians by Kelly

Alec Zopf's talk at SXSW reminds us that technology has always paved the way for musicians to exercise their creative impulses, and that we should continue to embrace this moving forward. As we enter the era of biomedical advances, medical neural interfaces and other instrumentation systems can offer a new means... More.

Gospel Brunch at Stubbs - a SXSW must! by Kelly

Reporting in from SXSW!  The Gospel Brunch at Stubbs has by far been one of my favourite experiences in Austin so far. A MONSTER buffet of southern-style grits, migas, friend catfish and BBQ brisket to die for. Impossible not to go back for thirds. And there is nothing quite as satisfying as sitting back in your... More.

Toast this Life - Grayson's original track for Keith's by Grayson

Check out the latest Keith's spot, it's a beauty! "Toast This Life" is an original track by Grayson Matthews featuring Andrew Austin, and is available for download on the Keiths' facebook page.   More.

CBC's Hockey Night in Canada by Tom

As the shortened hockey season ramps up in intensity, so too does Hockey Night in Canada's theme music every Saturday evening. Grayson wrote this main theme and its many variations for the iconic show in 2011, and at the beginning of this season we were asked to create even more music for the show. Here's an outtake... More.

Full Disclosure by Gavin

Sometimes I get a little bit bothered when fresh-faced kids come out of nowhere and start garnering undeserved public adulation. But I can it brush aside when they're releasing masterfully produced music which not only pays homage to the genre-defining trailblazers of the past, but also carves its own unique groove... More.