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TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games by Grayson

Ontario will host the largest sport event in our history – and the best way to witness the power of sport is to be there. Share the highs of winning a gold for your country, the thrill of a close race and the camaraderie of 7,500+ athletes from 41 countries and territories. Celebrate the competition at the TORONTO... More.

Working The Engels NBC Debut by Grayson

Scoring and Music Supervising "Working The Engels" has been such a privilege - we are very excited for the NBC debut tonight! More.

FIFA World Cup on CBC by Tom

We are proud once again to be a part of CBC's FIFA World Cup package. Our familiar theme that debuted in South Africa in 2010 has been given a Brazilian, so to speak.  Out with the Djembes and Kalimbas, in with the Surdo and  Tamborim.... Check out the music below and let the beautiful game inspire you... More.

A Bicycle Built For Tunes by Gavin

Johnnyrandom | Bespoken from Johnnyrandom on Vimeo. More.

New Grayson Digs! by Grayson

112 Adelaide Street East is offically home to the Grayson family! More.

The Art of The Steal by Tom

The Art of The Steal opens in movie theatres across the US today.  We're incredibly proud to have crafted the original score for Jonathan Sobol's hugely entertaining heist film. Read a review from the Village Voice, and check out the trailer: More.

The WikiDrummer by Gavin

If you really want to understand how a particular space colours the sounds you hear in it, watch this vid. Or, if you just like drumming and cool video editing, that's cool too. More.

This New David Bowie Song and Video Will Deliver You From Evil by Gavin

Take 10 Minutes and 26 seconds out of your day to be transported into another. More.

More World Cup! by Chris

Another Adidas spot for the 2014 World Cup, and this time it features the track 'BOTA' by Burake Some Sistema featuring Karol Conka. Very cool video, and edited perfectly to the song.   More.

If you're going to cover one of the most iconic songs of the 20th century... by Gavin

If you're going to cover one of the most iconic songs of the 20th century... Do it like this. More.

Times Neue Roman - Vehicle by Gavin More.


Basia Bulat has stolen my heart. I went to see her perform last night, and this afternoon I'm still swooning. She played at the Polish Combatants Hall - which had the intimacy of a grade school recital with everyone set up on folding chairs - and it was easily one of the most awe-inspiring shows I've seen in my life. More.

What were you doing at 16? by Emery

What were you doing at 16 years old? Probably a lot of slacking off and perhaps a healthy dose of stickin' it to the man, man. If you were like me, you were hunched over a computer in your parents basement, banging out awful, repetitive hip-hop beats with your friends and dreaming of world domination. One thing I'm... More.